Sunday, October 18, 2015

Metering Modes and Hyperfocal Distance

Ok, so I'm probably getting pretty geeky now so I'm assuming that if you actually clicked on this post then you are ready to geek out with me.  So, my last post was about the concept of hyperfocal distance and how to use that with back button focus.  My wife, daughter and I went to Beiteddine the other day and had the chance to fool around with metering modes.

I had watched a tutorial that suggested that photographers stick to either center-weighted metering or spot metering modes depending on whether they were in a controlled environment or shooting on the go.  I decided to test this theory out the other other day.

Since I was "on the go" while walking around Beiteddine, I selected center-weighted metering mode, put my 17mm f4.0 to 17mm and f8.0 and set the focus to the hyperfocal distance.  I think proceeded to walk around the Beitedding complex taking some shots.  I kept the in mind the fact that anything closer than about 4ft (125cm) would be out of focus.  I then set my other two back buttons to start metering and lock metering.  I was able to quickly set and lock metering by touching the two aforementioned buttons quickly in sequence and then move to the trigger to take the photo.  This system, combined with the hyperfocal theory, help produce fast and reliable results as I walked around.  Here are some examples.

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