Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bavaria - The Land of Castles and Churches

Wow, how long has it been?  Well, hopefully this is me starting up again.  Having a baby and updating her blog has taken my photography focus elsewhere recently.  I did get to play around with some HDR photography in the churches of Bavaria over our Spring Break.

The photos of the churches were taken hand held, then auto-aligned in Photoshop.  Afterwards, I used Photoshop to process the HDR images and then pulled the resulting file into Lightroom for final editing.  I'm starting to learn more about exporting photos from Lightroom into smaller file sizes.  I've realized that the histogram can really be  your friend in this situation.  After much trial and error, I now know that it is important for me to pull the shadows up out of the left quarter of the histogram to get an exposure that I like.  In these images I used a combination of the shadows slider and exposure slider to accomplish this.

The photo of Neushwanstein was a straight up 24-70 f2.8II shot at around 40mm/f8.0.  I pulled the blues and overall highlights down to get the darkened sky.

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