Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fashion Shoot in Downtown Sofia

After the fog lifted here in Sofia, Cenestella and I went downtown and did a quick model shoot.  After getting kicked out of a few locations around the parliament buildings we found a nice little location in behind the shopping mall.  Below are some photos and lighting setups that we used.

For this shoot, we used a large umbrella softbox and a Canon 430 EX II speedlight.  To edit these photos I used a Huion H610 Pro.  It has been a fantastic substitute for the much more expensive Wacom equivalent.  The drivers were easy to install and the tablet works fairly well.  Once in a while I find that the pressure sensitivity is lost in Photoshop and it seems to default to 100% flow.  This problem usually resets itself by simply clicking elsewhere in the image and then returning to the area to be edited.

I used a frequency separation technique to adjust skin texture and color.  Afterwards, I did some dodging and burning using a masked curves layer in Photoshop.  Other than some basic adjustments resulted in the images you see in this post.  The tablet made it much easier to complete the task and once I got use to using the pen it became a very natural and efficient tool.



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