Sunday, October 13, 2013

Backlit Fall Photos

This afternoon I experimented with a bit of backlit fall photography.  My wife, baby and I went on a stroll through South Park and decided that we should take a few photos in a nice location with some yellow/orange fall colors.  I positioned the sun behind the subject and used an on camera flash angled up (in order to feather the light slightly).  I then set my camera to manual mode so that the sky was overexposed and set my flash to ETTL -2/3 of a stop.  I moved the camera into the sun slightly to get a bit of flare in the lens on a few of the shots and then retreated to the shade to take a few without flare.  All in all, a successful couple of pictures with minimum gear.  I feel that this is another example of knowing the kind of light available to you and maximizing its potential.


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