Thursday, October 17, 2013

Newborn Photography

Since today was such a rainy day here is Sofia, I decided to take out a few of my new purchases and give them a bit of a whirl.  I set up a gridded umbrella softbox to camera left.  The power was set to 1/8th power.  Next, I set up an octobox umbrella directly behind the camera and set -1 1/3 stops lower than the softbox.  I set my camera to 1/100th of second, f6.3 and ISO 800.  A lighting diagram is below that will help explain my setup.  The photos in this post were a result of this lighting setup.  Hope you enjoy!

Lighting Diagram

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Backlit Fall Photos

This afternoon I experimented with a bit of backlit fall photography.  My wife, baby and I went on a stroll through South Park and decided that we should take a few photos in a nice location with some yellow/orange fall colors.  I positioned the sun behind the subject and used an on camera flash angled up (in order to feather the light slightly).  I then set my camera to manual mode so that the sky was overexposed and set my flash to ETTL -2/3 of a stop.  I moved the camera into the sun slightly to get a bit of flare in the lens on a few of the shots and then retreated to the shade to take a few without flare.  All in all, a successful couple of pictures with minimum gear.  I feel that this is another example of knowing the kind of light available to you and maximizing its potential.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scott Kelby Photowalk 2013

During the past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the 2013 version of the Scott Kelby Photowalk.  This is an annual walk that happens in Sofia and around the world.  The purpose of the walk is to meet new people, share ideas, take some photos and have a good day.  You can submit photos from the walk into a worldwide contest or you can just forward them to your walk leader to share on the their Flickr page.  Either way this experience is a great chance to meet new people while getting out and taking photos. A link to the photowalk page is below.

Above is an image that I am submitting to the contest.  It was taken in the market off of Vitosha Blvd. just across from the mosque in Sofia, Bulgaria.  I like this image due to the fact that your eye is drawn to the different people placed within a relatively symmetrical setting.  The people almost seem to create a small amount of tension or unevenness within the symmetrical frame. 

In order to create this photo I took advice that I had heard at some point that told me both to work a scene but also wait for the right time and moment to take the photo.  I sat at the bottom of the stairs for 10 minutes waiting for the right combination of events and people to appear.  Comments and critique are welcome.  Enjoy!