Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Power of 2.8

Well, I'm ashamed to admit it ... but I totally cracked.  I've been waiting for the 5D Mark III to come out for more than a year now but I just couldn't justify the expense.  This past Christmas the 5D III was reduced about $400 and the other lens I was drooling over was reduced $200.  My self restraint still prevailed though.  I was willing to wait another year and continue shooting with my 40D until ... they threw in an extra battery, camera bag and memory card.  I just couldn't take it any more.  I jumped on it, and I'm glad I did.  The images from this post were taken with my new camera/lens combination.

Today I wanted to share a child's environmental portrait that I took on Christmas day of my exhausted nephew (uh, I mean Spider-Man) taking a break on the bench as his father continued to play with his twin brother in the background.  I shot this image using the new Canon 24-70 f2.8l II at 70mm f2.8.  Shooting at f2.8 caused the focus to fall off quickly behind and in front of what I chose to focus on.  I then used the back button method and focused on Spider-Man with the intention of burring out the background and took the shot.

Since your eye tends to be drawn to the brightest, most in-focus part of the image first you will probably find yourself initially looking at Spider-Man and then continuing to explore the bench.  Finally, you will notice the two people in the background and the rest of this image.  F2.8 does a lot more than just blurring the background.  It empowers you with a creative tool to deliver a story and direct the viewer's eye.  I hoping this image delivers that story.

You can see more of the images on my website, under the portrait tab.

Comments, questions and constructive criticism welcome below ... as always.

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