Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mira Katzarova Singing Latin Jazz

Even though Sofia was inundated with the white fluffy stuff early in the afternoon yesterday, many braved the cold weather and slippery sidewalks to warm their feet in the presence of the smooth, silky voice of Mira Katzarova, performing at Sofia Live Club.  She worked the stage with a slinky, sophisticated style that captivated the audience.  Mira was not the only talented musician on stage last night.  A "who's who" of Bulgarian Jazz came out to support Mira during her performance.  You can see some her videos below.

I tried a new lighting setup during this shoot.  I set up a grided 430ex II pointing at the microphone that was stopped down by 2/3 of a stop.  Then, I set up another strobe at the side of the stage and strapped a folded piece of A4 paper to it to flag the audience and create a slightly softer light.  The speedlight was set to ETTL.  This setup did give me a slightly better peek into the shadows and a touch more detail in the black and white image.  I would definitely give it another go for the next performance.

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