Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lost Satellite Release at Mixtape 5

Gravity Co. released their new album last Thursday at Mixtape 5, a live music club located in the underground where Evlogi Georgiev and Cherni Vruh intersect.  The venue hummed with the sound of gravity from 10:00pm onward.  Photos from the show can be found HERE.

I attempted a new setup for this show.  Instead of using a single speedlight on ETTL adjust to -2/3 of stop (stage right) I decided to mix it up a bit and throw another light on ETTL set to -1 stop (stage left) into the mix.  I started the show with a DIY grid on the speedlight on stage left.  I waited for the guitarist to walk into the feathered area of the grid and hoped for a "good moment" to collide with the good lighting.  You can see some examples of the shots below.


Here is my DIY gridspot.  It is made from black straws, electrical tape and yes ... the remainders of a Corny box (chocolate to be exact).  You should be able to figure out how to make it from looking at the image below.

I also shot the other side of the stage by using the other speedlight to rim light the other guitarist from stage right.  The grided speedlight on stage left spread just enough by the time it reached the other side of the stage to give just some fill for some decent dramatic lighting.  The example below shows rim light from stage right with the fill from stage left.

About half way through the first set, my DIY grid spot fell and the spread of the speedlight increased dramatically.  I left it off and shot some other photos from different angles, like the one you see below.  I waited until the singer was backlit by the other speedlight to create a more intense spotlit shot.  The guitarist in the foreground is lit by the speedlight above and to the left of the camera.

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