Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gravity Affects Sofia Live Club

Last night, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to shoot another band at Sofia Live Club.  Gravity Co. is a Bulgarian band that calls Sofia Live Club their local.  Their musical style was a unique combination of  a heavy Nine Inch Nails sound, Bono-esque vocals with a splash of 311.  The band put on an interesting show and did their best to get the crowd involved with the performance.  Many of the concert goers that I spoke to had been following the band for quite some time.  You can sample some of their music HERE if you are interested in finding out more.

The photos in this post were taken with a two light setup.  One 430ex II was setup stage right and set to 1/8th power in manual mode in combination with a Flex TT5.  The second 430ex II was setup stage left and set to ETTL -1.0 stop.  This created a small amount of fill to help illuminate shadows and reduce noise.  The camera was set to manual mode at f4.0 at 1/200th of a second at ISO 1000.  All shots were taken with the 70-200mm f4.0L.  Reducing highlights, adjusting contrast and adding a touch of clarity were actions all done in Lightroom during post.

Trouble shooting was the name of the game last night.  I wanted to try and run both lights on ETTL to see how they would deal with illuminating the subject in different positions on the stage.  For some reason, the ETTL settings on my Pocket Wizards weren't working correctly and I had to change my key light to manual (1/8th power) in order to get proper exposure.  I waited until the subjects were within an acceptable range of the light to expose them correctly (or as close to correctly as I could muster).  I'll be spending today testing out those darn pesky Pocket Wizards to see where I went wrong this afternoon.  Enjoy the photos!



Kamen Kunchev said...

Good job!

Damon Rickett said...

Thanks! The lighting was a challenge but that goodness for off camera flash =)