Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tis The Season ...

For some reason, white was the order of the day.  The beautiful sunshine seemed to bring everyone out into the city to play.  After exploring the newly opened subway outside just outside our front door, I wandered down to Levski Stadium and around the city for a five hour walk.  As I was coming back up Vitosha on my way home I came across a wedding in Nedelya Square.  I have to admit, I felt like a bit of a creep taking pictures of someone else's wedding but I think it does give the viewer a sense of ceremony here in Bulgaria.

These pictures were taken with the 70-200mm at f4.0 zoomed into 200mm.  I set the white balance for fluorescent and then adjusted it in post by using the eyedropper on the brides dress.  The ISO was set to 800 to get a quick enough shutter speed to freeze motion and I used noise reduction to bring down some of the artifacts of the high ISO. Overall, a pretty successful day I would say!



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