Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ruth Koleva Opens Sofia Live Club

Last night the doors of Sofia Live Club were opened to welcome the sweet, smooth voice of Ruth Koleva.  A mix of funk and jazz with a twist of rock rung out through the doors of the club and into the newly constructed Sofia subway line to usher in the new season of music.

Ruth is the daughter of a Bulgarian weight lifter and has spent much of her time overseas.  She is currently working on recording an album in Norway and came to Bulgaria for a one night performance.  She squeezed in a few radio interviews before the show and then took the stage at Sofia Live Club, located just under NDK (National Palace of Culture).

The show was attended by an energetic young crowd that was initially shy to take the dance floor.  With a little coaxing from Ms. Koleva, the hardwood floor quickly filled with bobbing heads and shuffling feet.  Ruth put on an energetic and soulful show.  Strong character and an open, welcoming attitude vibrated from the stage to the crowd, making for an incredibly entertaining night of music.

If you are interested in learning more about Ruth Koleva you can see her website HERE.  You can also see one of her videos below.  A schedule of events occurring at Sofia Live Club can be found HERE in both English and Bulgarian.

In order to combat the low light levels in the club, I took my 430exII and a set of  Pocket Wizards.  The flash was set up just off of stage right.  It was set to 1/8 power and zoomed into 100mm.  It was also flagged using a business card.  The camera was set to f4.0 at 200th of a second in manual setting.  The ISO was adjusted to acquire the correct exposure.  AI servo mode was used to help track Ruth's movements across the stage.  Tight shots were taken with the 70-200mm and the wide angle shots were taken with the 17-40mm.  Also, I used a Canon 40D set to back button focus.

I'm looking forward to seeing another show if Ruth Koleva visits Sofia again.  I can honestly say that it is one of the first times that I've been introduced to a new artist that I would want to follow in a very long time.  That has to be a good sign!



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