Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beli Iskar II and Back Button Focus


A return trip to Beli Iskar Gorge resulted in a beautiful late summer bike ride.  We spent the day driving out to the Borovets area and visiting the gorge for a bit of exercise.  It was nice to find out that it wasn't any harder to climb the steady incline than it was the time before.  Kalina will be happy to know that the descent was also much more ... tame.

During this trip I was experimenting with back-button focus on my Canon 40D.  The function allows you to decouple the metering and focusing systems so that you can focus on your subject then recompose the picture and meter for the new composition.  It also allows you to change your exposure compensation without having to refocus on your subject.  Although it wasn't very helpful during this trip (and I actually managed to really mess up a few of the photos) I think it will come in quite handy during many other situations.

There are many different ways to decouple the focus and metering functions on your camera, but it is dependent on the type of camera that you own.  For Canon 40D owners you want to go to C. FnIV: Operations/Other in your menu and then change option 1 (shutter button) to AE Lock/Metering + AF Start and then change option 2 to "AE on/AE lock button switch" to "Enable".  This will allow you to lock focus with the asterisks button on the back of your camera and then meter by pressing the shutter button half way down.  To take the picture you will need to depress the shutter button completely.  Instructions will vary depending on what type of camera you have.  Other websites have also explained the benefits of enabling this function so I won't repeat them here.  Try it out ... I think it is at least worth experimenting with.

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