Sunday, June 10, 2012

Biking in Bulgaria

Saturday, after our Spring Fair, a gaggle of teachers strapped our bikes to cars and drove up to a small town just outside Govadartsi, near Borovets for a bike ride.  After about 7km uphill we had the pleasure of bombing down back into the town.  Afterwards, we went to a Mehana on the other side of Govodartsi.  It really was the way that weekends were meant to be spent.

The biking pictures in this post were taken with the 70-200mm lens at f4.0 on Av mode with the focus set to AI servo to help track the riders.  The waterfall shots were taken with my 17-40mm lens at f22.0 and ISO 100 causing very long shutter speeds.  I rested my camera on rocks and bridges to steady the camera to get the effect of solid rocks with soft, flowing water.  I hope to be able to experiment with this technique more!

There were a few interesting people and places that we ran across on our ride up and down.  The old trailer/train car below functioned as the local watering cooler and the decrepit building had an incredibly interested mural on the wall.  Apparently, Bulgaria has many murals like this one.  Any thoughts on what it is all about are welcome.  I've got my own ideas but I'd love to hear a more informed voice.  Enjoy the photos!

Edit: The town we were in was called Beli Iskar


Any thoughts on that mural?


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