Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greek Island Adventure

Hey, you have any Cheetos?

Armed with a passport, a small bag of clothes, a handful of Euros and my camera, Elise and I set off with a group of friends to visit the Greek island of Thassos for a Bulgarian long weekend.  Since weather reports were not cooperating, we were preparing for the worst.  We were welcomed with a solid afternoon of rain.  A few bottles of wine, board games and some good friends helped us make the best of it.  Luckily, the rest of the weekend weather turned in our favor and we went on to enjoy our stay.

The photos of the seagulls were taken on the fairy ride over as some of the passengers fed the gulls with what looked like Cheetos out of their hands.  I took the images of the gulls by setting my camera on AI Servo and Av mode (f4.0) and selecting the center focus point.  I found it best to try and follow the birds with my lens zoomed out to 70mm and wait for them to come within range.

The remaining two photos you see in this post are of the harbor and church in Thassos.  Both of these photos were taken in Av mode (f4.0) and One Shot focusing mode.

The island was a beautiful example of Greek luxury and we are looking forward to visiting it again when the weather turns even warmer.

Thassonian fishing boat


From one talon to another

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