Friday, May 18, 2012

Grease Lightning!

I recently had the opportunity to play guitar in a production of Grease.  It was a bit of a nerve racking experience as I hadn't played guitar in front of people for a while but it turned out well ... I hope.  While I was waiting to come on, I shot some photos of the performance.  The light level, quality and variance turned out to be a real challenge but it was an great experience and I think some of them turned out quite well.

The photos were taken in a mixture of Av and M mode.  Av mode was used at f4.0 and I set the manual settings to ISO 1600, f4.0 and 1/250th.  The choice to move from Av to M mode was driven by the fact that I wasn't stopping some of the motion.  Initially, I was getting a f4.0, 1/160th reading from the camera.  I then decided to pump it up to f4.0 and 1/250th and just deal with the resulting noise in the shadows at ISO 1600.  I did use Lightroom to remove the ISO.  Overall, I'm quite happy with the result but I would love another chance to get in there and try this again ... especially with a Canon 5D mark III!


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