Monday, April 30, 2012

A Night Under the Stars

Spent yesterday biking out to somewhere between Sofia and Samakov.  I decided to take my camera and make a first attempt at astrophotography.  It isn't fantastic but I'm willing to try it again!  You have to watch this on Youtube to see it well.  It really does humble you when you realize what is going on while you are sleeping.

To create the photo above, I used a tripod and an intervalometer.  I set the pictures for about 2 minutes apart and left the camera on Av mode.  I then used a free program called Star Stax to combine the pictures.  I was going for star streaks rather than dots but I do like the accidental affect.  After reading up on the process, I should have set the pictures to be less than 10 seconds apart.  That would have combined the dots and made dots appear to be a trail.  Next time.

The video above was created using the same equipment mentioned in the photo description.  This time I used LRTimelapse (fee) and Lightroom (not free) to create a time lapse of the stars passing over my head as I slept. I had the ISO set at 800 and that, coupled with the long exposure, caused the picture to be quite grainy.  Again, I'm encouraged that I could actually get  the stars moving so I'm willing to give it another shot.  What a beautiful weekend!

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