Saturday, April 28, 2012

Errands of the day ...

The list of things to do today included a visit the bank, a pop in to the local weaponry store to acquire some "self defense" spray for bike rides and a long overdue ride to pay the internet bill.  On my way back home I saw the tail end of a Roma horse drawn cart plowing through the woods.  I sped ahead on the well groomed trail in an attempt to cut the cart and driver off at the pass.  When I finally found their trail, I followed it back towards the point where I had first saw them.  I was hoping for a shot of the drivers coming at me with a nicely bokehed background.  Instead, I found the cart abandoned and the horse chomping happily on a small piece of grass.  The only conclusion that I could come to was that they were off scavenging the woods for treasures.

It constantly amazes me, especially after my return from Egypt, that a people with such ingenuity and determination can be oppressed with such vigor.  I can only hope that Bulgaria eventually finds a way to include the Roma into their cultural identity, much the way that the Egyptians have embraced the people living in Garbage City.  One can dream.

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