Friday, March 2, 2012

The Basketball Experiment ... Part II

Please Note:  I have many images from the day.  Only selected images are posted here.  You can see low resolution versions of all of the photos by clicking HERE.  If you would like high resolution images please contact me by email or leave a comment below.  Enjoy the images!

This weekend I spend Friday shooting a regional girls basketball tournament.  It was a great experience and I can feel (if not see) my images improving.  I'm even more excited about the announcement of the Canon 5D III yesterday.  With a price tag of 3500 USD I'm not sure I can afford such an in vestment in a hobby but I'm going to crunch the numbers and see what I come up with.

I made some tweaks with the images that you see in this post.  The tweaks came from a number of sources.  A family member suggested that I try using the center auto focus point to track the players.  I used a "sandwich" lighting setup that was comprised of two 430exIIs (banked on a stand in the back left corner of the gym) and a single 430exII behind the player's bench on the opposite side.  The ambient worked as fill.  I shot all of the photos with my 70-200mm 4.0L and most were taken at f/4.0, around 1000th of second and ISO 800.

What were the lessons learned from this outing I hear you ask?  Well, the lessons that stand out most in my mind are firstly, track with the center point and secondly, use lots of light to eliminate the grain of high ISO.  Underexposed images at high ISO are not recoverable.

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