Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sofia Snow and Time Lapse at NDK

Starting to build my new desktop, defrosting the fridge, catching up on laundry, halting my new desktop build due to confusion and fear of catastrophe and organizing the storage room were my big accomplishments this Sunday afternoon.  After checking those mundane chores off my list I decide to take a quick walk down to NDK to see what the hip people were doing.

I began my journey by swinging by CCS and enjoying the bouncy musings of an energetic accordion player outside of the mall.  I was a little fearful of sticking my camera in his face, but I quickly got over it and snapped a photo from a distance.  I then proceeded down in front of NDK and took are rest as the sun started to go down.

I have seen many time lapse videos on different blogs and websites recently.  The beautiful landscapes and cloud movement really grab me.  Over Christmas, I purchased a camera trigger capable converting my DSLR into time lapse machine in the hope of being able to explore the world of visual fast motion.  The trigger was luckily one of the items tucked away in the recesses my backpack.

As I sat watching the sun go down, I decided to make my first fore into time lapse photography.  I pulled the trigger out of my bag and quickly set up my tripod.  I began to worry that I would miss the majority of the sunset.  As my shutter clicked away atop my tripod, I realized that the sunset was not going to be as beautiful as I had hoped.  I decided to continue with the experiment hoping that the movement of the clouds would continue.

I quickly took my images home and used a free Lightroom plugin to convert my hour and half expedition into time lapse.  The video below is the result.  Now, please be gentle as this is the first time that I have attempted this.  I would like to go back and make some adjustments to the video in the next week or so but I wanted to post this to show my starting point.  I'll try to get another edited version up in the near future.  Enjoy!

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