Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sofia Architecture Walk

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of walking around the beautiful city of Sofia with Diane.  After a coffee at Costa we set out down onto Vitosha and through the core of the city.  Although the day was cold and windy we managed to snap off a few photo, trying to concentrate our efforts on the architecture of the city.  No matter how hard I tried, I just could not focus only on the buildings.  Although I appreciate the historic structures of the city, I realized that it is the human interaction with these structures that gives the city its character.






The photos in this post were all taken with available light.  White balance was set to "cloudy" and due to the high contrast and spotty nature of the light we attempted to keep our histograms off of the edges, maintaining the detail in both the highlights and shadows.  To be completely honest, when I returned home I was quite disappointed with my work for the day.  After taking a break, a good nights sleep and skiing up Yasterbitz I returned to my computer to edit the images.  Results are above.

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