Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicago Morning Glow

For the first post of 2012, I wanted to put up some images that I took during an early morning trip to the waterfront in Chicago just before Christmas.  I have to credit Gary Parr for getting me out of bed and down to location at 5:00am to take these photos.  Also, Gary has really helped me by showing me some effective Photoshop techniques that really make images pop.

Since I have just arrived back in Sofia, and jet lag is taking its toll, my ability to create coherent sentences will likely be greatly diminished.  Just stop reading if this gets too hard to follow.  Did I really need to tell you that?  Guess not.

A trip to the a photography exhibition in the Art Institute of Chicago over the holidays has greatly swayed my opinion on Photoshop.  After viewing a series of photos from a land survey and reading the corresponding description I realized that analog "photoshopping" has been going on since the mid 1800s.

Early photographers were unable to take seascape images due to the fact that cameras could not create definition in the highlights of the sky and shadows of the water due to the dynamic range.  Photographers overcame this problem by combining multiple exposures ... the birthplace of HDR.  After learning about the developing techniques used in the 1800s, I came to the realization that Photoshop simply gives you digital control over things that photographers have been doing for ages.  Now, I'm sure that some are thinking "Wow, this guy is pretty slow on the uptake!" This thought had crossed my mind in the past, but seeing the photos in Chicago gave me a new level of comfortableness with taking artistic license when playing around in Photoshop.

The pictures both above and below were taken on manual using available light.  I was trying to play around with perspective and different types of tone curves.  I'd love to hear any constructive feedback if anyone would like to record their thoughts/opinions in that funny comment box below.

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