Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fortissiomo Fest 2011 - Guitar Trio

Sofia Live Club lit up last night for Bulgarian brothers performing an energetic and entertaining classical guitar concert.  Accompanied by violins, violas, a cello and drum the music entertained the serene crowd in the dark and relaxing venue.  As the music gently flowed around the room, the communication between the members of the trio seemed almost extrasensory.  Looks and glances communicated changes and shifts in the music's tempo and rhythm while the more than occasional smile displayed the musicians' pure joy with their opportunity to play music.  While the performance was of the highest quality, it was also an entertaining display of professional musicians enjoying their craft.  The involved and expressive communication between band members created a warm mood in which to enjoy the performance.  When attending these kinds of events I always marvel at the talent of artists like the ones I saw last night.  Whether you are entertained by the style of music or not, it is always a treat to see such talented people who have found their calling in life.

While shooting the Sarah Chang concert, I felt that the low light conditions were the most challenging that I had faced to date.  Well, the anti was raised last night.  The dark venue and colored lights played havoc with white balance and the simple availability of light.  I shot this concert in Av mode at 4.0 (wide open) at 3200 ISO with a 70-200mm 4.0L without flash.  Although I didn't think that these images would work out due to the grain of the high ISO, I had to continue as these were the only settings that would allow me to stop the blur of the performance.  Come on Canon 1DX!  I need that low light sensitivity.

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