Monday, November 7, 2011

Fortissimo Fest 2011 - Janice Eteme and Kevin Deas

Fortissimo Fest 2011 came to a close last night with a performance from Janice Eteme, Kevin Deas and the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.  The 7th floor of NDK was awash in deep vocal harmony as Kevin, Janice and the orchestra filled the auditorium with music ranging from Oprah to American classics.  Kevin's deep, booming vocals were accompanied by Janice's stunningly accurate range to create a dynamic and captivating performance.

This performance, being the last of Fortissimo Fest 2011, forced me to reflect on the event as a whole and consider the take aways that would stay with me after the festival was long gone.  It did not take long to come to the conclusion that a love ... no ... obsessive passion for music was the undercurrent of the festival.  From Sarah Chang, through Romaneno and up to Janice and Kevin, the event has been characterized by committed and skilled musicians that enjoy sharing the talent that they have been so lucky to receive.  These people serve as inspiration for us ... inspiration to embrace our creativity and expressive nature ... inspiration to take the internal art, whatever form it may take, and externalize it.  This is the lesson that lives on from Fortissimo Fest 2011 in my eyes.

The images captured during this event were taken in a similar way to the previous three posts.  The only changes that were made were that I shot most of the images in manual mode with at 125th and 4.0. This was successful due to the fairy consistent lighting arrangement in the venue.  I also continued to play with some different tonal curves in post production.  

On a different note, I did explore recording and posting some of my processing procedures only to discover that my computer was too slow to support screencasting and Lightroom at the same time.  This is a positive thing as I am not in the market for a more up-to-date computer.  Enjoy the images!

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