Sunday, November 20, 2011

Edelweiss and Milk Bottles

With the wife away in Portugal this weekend, I was forced to find new and creative ways to feed myself.  Being a horrible cook, I figured that trading food for something I was decent at would be my best option.  When Edelweiss offered another all inclusive weekend up Borovets in exchange for taking a few photos I jumped all over it.


Milk bottle diffuser
I took a new approach to this job.  I tried experimenting with a DIY diffuser made from a translucent milk bottle.  After cutting a hole in the bottom of the bottle, I proceeded to point the speedlight straight up and place the milk bottle over the head of the flash.  It turned out to be an excellent diffuser for large rooms and acted as great fill light outdoors to give detail to the shadows.  I experimented with tilting the bottle/flash combination to create subtle shadows as you see under the nurses nose above.  I liked what I got from it and I will definitely use this again.

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