Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bell Tower Bike Ride


Colors, concrete and contrast dominated my day on Sunday.  As I stepped out of the apartment I was met with a brisk, refreshing breeze that tightened my skin and caused my eyes to widen.  Suddenly I was awake.  With the first two rotations of my bike's pedals, I was already enjoying the fresh weekend breeze.  The steady whir of my tires grew louder and smoother and a began slowly wound my way down hill and through intersections towards the Ring Road, and eventually the Bell Tower.

Taking my usual path to work, the initial plan was to start in the direction of school and find my way over to the Bell Tower by using well known roads.  The Bell Tower Park is the location of a communist monument and park which served to commemorate peace.  There had been some controversy over the purpose of the monument as some claimed it had a less peaceful purpose.

As I crossed the ring with cars whizzing by on either side, the little boy in my took hold.  My eyes opened wider as I saw a path leading from the highway into the woods.  The next 3 hours were spent riding through the beautiful colors of fall at the base of Vitosha in search of the Bell Tower.  I would eventually find the tower and park, but I have to admit, the journey was the true fun of this adventure.

The pictures were taken with the purpose of experimenting with mood.  I took all of the pictures within 5 minutes of each other.  I was trying to get that cold, communist feel and contrast it with a more warm fall-like feeling.  All shots were taken with the 17-40mm L4.0 lens and I played with some of the tonal curves to create the effect that you see in the pictures.

Bells from various countries line the base of the monument.  This is the Mexican bell that can be rung by visitors to commemorate peace.  

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