Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trees, Pools and Bows


So I ask you, why not get in a car with someone who doesn't speak your language at a dimly lit gas station and drive into a remote ski village South of the city?  That was the adventure for this weekend.  It is actually much less exciting than I make it sound.  This weekend, Elise and I headed up to Borovets (a small skiing village South of Sofia) to snap a few photos of another team building weekend with Edelweiss Adventures.  The company hosted a group from Vivacom and led approximately 60 people through a series of team building activities that included raft building, archery and tree climbing.  The weekend was magnificent. From the gorgeous accommodations at Festa Winter Palace to the beautiful first snow fall we experienced on our last day in Borovets, we really couldn't have asked for much more.

The pictures directly above and below were taken in the same manner.  Each photo was set up with a pair of bare 430ex iis on a 45 degree angle to the subjects (one on each side of the camera).  Both speedlights were set to ETTL and a 70-200mm f4.0 lens was used to capture the images.  The last image (below) was taken with the same lens zoomed to 200mm without the use of speedlights.  White balance was especially challenging this weekend as I had to balance the cool overcast light with the relatively warm speedlights.  You can see the difference below in the skin tones of the people in the foreground vs. the people in the background.  Gels could have helped me balance the artificial and ambient light temperature but the continuous movement in and our of the hotel left little time to do any alterations to my setup.  Looking back on the whole experience, with hindsight being 20/20, I might have done a few things differently but overall I am happy with the results.

Look out below - Two concerned onlookers steady the ladder as a coworker climbs high into the trees to retrieve a clue

You want me to do what ?!?!? - Team builders start the day by listening to instructions from their leaders

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