Friday, October 7, 2011

A moment ...

Waking up early this morning, with the wife still in bed, I had a moment.  I started by checking my Google reader to see if there were any unlikely updates concerning the newest Canon cameras.  Disappointment was the most accurate way to sum up that experience.  Don't worry, I'm getting use to it.  I noticed that a friend had posted the video below on their +Google feed. I watched the video and took some time to ponder the technical sides of the photos, admired the colours and star photography and moved on to Flickr.  I casually perused Flickr in search of inspiration and then went on to read the CNBC article about Steve Jobs.

I'm not sure if it was the random yet leading combination of the events this morning, but I have definitely arrived in a new place.  Where that is, I am not sure.  I spend my days teaching children that authors, good authors, carefully use words to craft an image that conveys a specific and intended, deliberately sculpted mood.  From the the first page to the last, writers use their literary talents to spark our individual imaginations in individual ways.  Photographers are no different.  They are the visual alchemists of literacy.  They use the technical terms such as aperture, white balance and vignetting to impress a mood, a fraction of time, a thought in the viewers mind.  Perhaps this seems obvious to many, and perhaps this is not the first time I have had this revelation, but by reminding my self of mood I feel that I have regained a key aspect of photography that can sometimes become lost in the details.

An Inspirational Flickr Group

CNBC Article on Steve Jobs

Landscape Photography Video

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