Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mmmm ... Bulgarian Tomato Soup

One of the fantastic features of Bulgaria is that they actually have produce that comes in and out of season.  Isn't that a strange concept?  The seasonality of the produce in Bulgaria means that the quality of produce peaks at certain times of year.  Luckily my wife knows exactly what to do with a perfectly grown tomato.

The above picture was taken with two speedlights.  The first was a bare 430ex ii to the back left of the soup to provide back light.  The second speedlight was set up just to camera right and shot into a soft silver umbrella to help soften the shadow of the bowl.  Some tin foil was used on right hand side of the soup to provide a little extra kick from the rear flash as well.  The result ... a very full and satisfied belly.  Mmmmmm ... soup on a cold day.

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