Saturday, October 29, 2011

Light - From Ethics to Physics

A Yale lecturer has uploaded a fantastic presentation on the new advances in light technology and photography.   He talks about the ethics of the newest advances, such as face recognition, sensor technology, 3D TVand images along with a whole range of other fascinating topics.

This video is a little physics heavy but it is worth a watch if you are interested in any of the above topics.  The one point that sticks out in my my mind is the fact that the megapixel race continues to march on and he discusses how irrelevant it has become.  He starts by mentioning the fact that our ability to to measure light has become more advanced than the light it is collecting.  This means that more megapixel does not translate into better, sharper images, but instead only drives consumerism by demanding that the market produce better sensors, lager storage devices and faster computers to process the increasing amount of irrelevant data.  Therefore, the megapixel race is convincing us to part with our hard earned money but not necessarily creating better images.

If you are in the market for a new camera, this video is a must watch.  Do you really need those 30+ megapixels?

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