Friday, October 28, 2011

Fortissimo Fest 2011 - Mr. Brass

Mr. Brass at the Sofia Art Gallery for Fortissimo Fest 2011
Fortissimo Fest continued tonight in yet another downtown Sofia location.  The walls of the Sofia Art Gallery buzzed with the humming, musical vibrations of Mr. Brass.  Playing a mix of Bulgarian and American music, they entertained a standing-room-only audience.  Mr. Brass worked their way through a solid hour of music by interspersing a playful on stage presence with lively music and emerged for an encore dawning clown noses to finish off the night.

This shoot was a white balance nightmare.  The strange mix of fluorescent and tungsten lights cast a strange blue/orange light over the band.  Arriving a few minutes early, I was able to create a manual white balance setting using one of the white walls in the concert hall.  This, along with the use of flash, helped create a more natural light.  The backdrop in front of which the band played was a solid white wall.  For this reason, I decided to try some HDR with picture you see in the center to give it some visual interest.  The remaining pictures are taken with flash.  By illuminating the subject with the bounce flash off of the ceiling, I was able to limit the range of the flash and allow the house lights to create a slightly orange tint on the back wall to enhance separation between subject and background.

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