Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Attempts

Elise and I spent a rainy yet soothing Sunday afternoon walking downtown and exploring a newly discovered vegetarian eating establishment.  It was a delicious restaurant called Dream House located just off of Vitosha Boulevard, beside the McDonalds.  It is a quiet little place hidden behind a stiff metal door and up a spray painted staircase.  Upon entering the small restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly employee along with a room full of occupied tables.  This was obviously a popular eating spot.  We gave our name and phone number and returned when a table was available.  The Sunday buffet and home made lemonade was delicious.  While promising the waitress that we would return and explore the menu on a weeknight, I also asked her if she would be interested in having some photos of her food taken for her menu or website.  She quickly agreed and I quickly returned home to attempt my first food photography session.  The results are below.  I would have liked to use an orange, but the kiwi was all that was available.

This shot is back-lit from above with white fill cards infront of plate to both the left and right of the camera.  I also placed a small strip of tin foil in front of the front edge of the plate in an attempt to soften the harsh shadow that you see at the bottom of the picture.  I'm not happy with the deep colorless appearance of the kiwi but I think overall, the shot works.  I plan on returning to Dream house to do my best for them.

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