Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skating Sofia's NDK


The parks of Sofia are not the only outdoor gathering places that draw a crowd of interesting people.  This weekend I took some time Saturday afternoon to walk down to the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia. I was lucky enough to come across a skateboard/spray-paint/music event.  I sat down and started shooting just off to one side of the skateboard ramp when a friendly photographer called Diko approached me.  He is in the background of one of the pictures below actually.  We had a great conversation about photography and I captured some of the images that you see here.  You can see some of Diko's work HERE.  Summer in Sofia is such a great time to get out and just be part of the crowd.

Camera Note:  The focus on these is a little soft and I'm quickly realizing the limitation of the 40D.  The more I shoot, the more I become convinced about the merits of purchasing the 5D mark III when it comes out ... I'm just wondering how much of a dent it is going to put in my pocket. Yikes! Hobbies are expensive.


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