Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alpine Club Edelweiss

I had the unique opportunity to tag along with an adventure team building club this weekend.  We traveled from Sofia by car for about two hours and arrived at the Iskar River Valley.  There Elise and I followed two teams of people through activities such as rock climbing, rafting and a variety of problem solving activities.  As an outsider who doesn't speak the language I watched both teams enter the day with a bit of hesitation.  By the end of the day the volume and amount of laughter filled the caves and valleys through which we trekked.  This experience reminded me of our Matacanes canyoning experience back in Mexico.  It is simply amazing how challenge can glue us together.  If you are interested in finding out more information about this company and what they offer, click HERE.

This photo was more of a challenge than it seems.  Balancing the ambient light from the two overhead "eyes" in the the cave with the flash was the first of my concerns.  This coupled with the requirement of stopping the motion forced me to work at ISO 800 (my limit of acceptable grain on the Canon 40D.)  It was definitely a learning experience and if I were to do it again I would have pulled a "Full Monty" and brought the Pocket Wizards along for the trip to expand my lighting options.  As it stands, I find this photo barely acceptable and I now have a more complete understanding of the limitations of on camera flash.  I can only hope to do better next time.

Also, while sitting around waiting to go home, I shot some of these butterflies in the nearby bush.  You can find higher resolution pictures on my Flickr Photostream on the sidebar of this page.


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