Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking Suggestions ...

A Sunday free.  Nobody is complaining about that.  It turns out that my piano teacher has fallen ill this morning so I will be delaying the piano shoot until next weekend.  That means I have a Sunday to explore Sofia.  Now ... what are the options?  Well, a few days ago I came up with some ideas to photograph some of the local life.  Here are the choices of photos that my brain is working on at the moment ...

1.  The Lozenets Restaurant - this is a quaint, cheap, friendly little place around the corner from my house.  The food is delicious and the company is always good.  The wait staff is incredible and has even offered to take us out to Chalga sometime this year.  Now that could be a photo shoot!

2.  Our Local Fruit Market - Bulgaria is full of fresh produce markets.  The most amazing thing about Bulgaria is that they actually have fruits and vegetables that go in and out of season ... who has ever heard of that?  I can only conclude that this is a positive thing.  I would imagine that food from these markets would be healthier than the food shipped across, over and through countries in other parts of the world.

3.  Local Transportation - the trams in Sofia are a fun, efficient and picturesque way to move around Sofia.  They run many different routes including through the heart of the city and up into the urban wooded areas.  Some night black and white shots may look good and I was also considering some sunset, throught-the-trees images.

4. On The Way To Work - I haven't forgotten about my addiction to Parks, although Beglika Fest did distract me for a while.  I am still considering waking at an ungodly hour to see if I can capture some images of unique souls navigating through the woods.

My final thought is related to this link ... HERE

Basically, it is a contest to capture an outdoor area image that shows the character of a place.  I have been mulling my brain to try and thing about what outdoor image would best define Sofia and/or Bulgaria.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.  I am open to anything!

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