Saturday, August 27, 2011

Piano Studios

So, I finally peeled my face out of Lightroom and managed to post all of the Beglika pictures up on Flickr.  I've posted almost everything that I thought that was presentable.  There were a total of 794 pictures taken, so filtering through them and processing the half decent ones has taken a while, but I think it was well worth it.  After taking a break and looking at the pictures, I was pretty happy with the results.  My only concern was that the pictures in the set called "Aerial Elastic" looked a little over processed.  I played around with the settings but the problem was that they came out of the camera pretty much looking like you see them there.  I'm not sure how I feel about the look.  If you have any thoughts on them I would love to hear it.  I think my brain thinks "Hey, light shouldn't be coming from over there!" but I am such a anti-photoshoper that I can't completely embrace the look.  Anyhoo, thoughts welcome ... all kinds of thoughts ... good and bad.

Some good news ... actually great news!  After presenting to my parents today for our school's Open House, I managed to bump into an former colleague.  After catching up, she told me that she was opening a piano studio and asked if I could take some images of her new studio to get her business off the ground.  I'm going to go for it tomorrow and post the images here so stay tuned.  I'm thinking that it is going to be incredibly challenging due to the lack of available light but we might be able to do some creative shadow and shade work.  It could be a flop, but either way I'll post the best of the images here so don't forget to check back.

Time to wrap it up as we are off to Lozenets Restaurant for some delicious food and beer.  If you are looking for some cool photo ideas, check out this strobist article.  The photographer works with the theme of water.

Strobist Article: Click here!

Mmmmm, time to fill da belly ...

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